Service Category: Maintenance

Shopping centres and commercial estates are increasingly evolving into lifestyle and urban experiences. Well kept plants and green spaces have become essential with this urban and relaxed lifestyle.

This not only creates a welcoming experience but also enhances the overall aesthetics of shopping centres and commercial estates. 

We have extensive experience in landscaping commercial entities to the highest expectations.

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Students and academic staff alike expect a place that encourages not only learning but also offers an opportunity to reflect and recharge.

Well maintained campus greenery and lawns are a key ingredient of school and university life. These surroundings can often be part of the decision making process by future students.

We can help make your campus an attractive offer to current and future students and staff.

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Keeping a managed complex in tip top shape is important for investment owners and residents alike.

We offer cost effective one off or ongoing solutions that you can rely on, making your apartment or housing complex an attractive place to invest and stay at.

We help with budget forecasts ensuring there are no expensive surprises. Our unique offering is unmatched in Western Australia.

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We work with local government and councils to maintain and regenerate their parklands that offer a great spot for families and local residents. Lush parklands are known to attract local and interstate tourists which will not only support the local economy but also improve well being of people. We help tour council to maintain healthy parks and revitalise turf after events in the park.

We offer competitive quotes that offer you long term value. Get in touch today to find out how we can look after your council park.

We understand the importance of well maintained grounds to the residents and management of aged care facilities.

We maintain properties to the highest standards that bring joy to residents and provide a commercial differentiation for the company.

We can also offer unique insight and learning for residents who wish to engage in green keeping and horticultural activities.

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