Turf Renovation

Turf Renovation

TURFMASTER FACILITY MANAGEMENT boasts the most comprehensive range of renovation equipment in the marketplace in Western Australia.

Our purpose built and patented VM3 verti-mower is able to verti-mow up to 18 ha each day. Debris is swept away with a fleet of 7 Toro Rake-O’Vac Sweepers and removed from the site within 24 hours.

Verti-draining with either solid or hollow tynes is the most versatile method of relieving compaction in most soil types. Turfmaster Facility Management regularly provides this service on playing fields, bowling greens, tennis courts and golf courses.

Turfmaster Facility Management’s Field Top Maker is the ideal machine to remove large quantities of thatch, whilst providing a firm playing surface. Removing up to 50mm of the top surface the field top maker produces a clean level bed of well-developed rhizomes, which regrow into a healthy sward of turf. This is ideal for older playing surfaces, which require rejuvenation.

Other services include scarifying, deep slicing, over-seeding and top-dressing.